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Our company expanded into the printing industry in 1980. Thanks to the support of our many customers, suppliers, machinery factories, banks and everyone else who has helped us, we have continued to thrive, and we sincerely thank all of you.

Since MARUTEN SANGYOU CO., LTD. was established, we have been responding to customer expectations and continuously striving to develop and improve our technology for quarter of century.

Despite a turbulent economic climate and high production costs, we strive to create excellent products, even when quality of our materials is hard to determine by our customers. We always welcome any feedback you may have.

PresidentHiroyuki Sato

Company Information

Founded March 20, 1973
President Hiroyuki Sato
Head Office 2-5-25 Higashiteshiro-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 721-0962, JAPAN
Paid-in Capital 40,000,000 yen
Employees 65 ( Including part ) [ as of Oct. 1, 2018 ]
Services Seal, label printing and related materials sales, incidental business
Bank Shoko Chukin Bank Fukuyama Branch
Chugoku Bank Minami Fukuyama Branch
Shimanami Shinkin Bank Teshiro Branch
Hiroshima Bank Teshiro Fukuyama Branch
Japan Finance Corporation Fukuyama Branch

Head Office

Head Office
2-5-25 Higashiteshiro-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 721-0962, JAPAN


Custom Printing

We are highly knowledgeable of the features of various industries in the market and are able to provide suitable options including customizable materials and shapes to respond the needs of each individual customer.

For Food

Labels are also an important product for us. Depending on the application, we can provide labels for frozen foods, refrigerated foods, product promotion, price tags, JANCODE tags, and more. We also provide special processing services such as laminating and bronzing to enhance the quality on the surface of the sticker.

For Cosmetic

We use offset printing on packaging to fully and faithfully represent the contained cosmetics. The techniques include the use of foil, laminate processing, and special color printing. This can be used in cosmetics packaging stickers, performance indication, content description and other instructions. It has many other applications, including molded bottles, for use-periods, and waterproof stickers.

For Medical

In order to prevent misunderstandings, pharmaceutical labelling must be easily identifiable and printed in easy-to-read text. We use Variable-data printing techniques to achieve this.

For Logistics

QR codes and JANCODEs are very important to logistics companies, and we offer Variable-data printing to logistics companies. We also offer printing services with high lightfast warning stickers for outdoor use.

Functional Materials

Stickers can also be functional products. Our machinery includes pressure inspection machines and functional numerical testing machines.


Notebooks, notes, badges, envelopes, stickers, and other paper products or any stationery, we are able to provide suitable options including customizable materials and shapes to respond the needs of each individual customer.
From planning to manufacturing, if necessary, we are also able to support to design.

Mapuri Print Shop

We can present your special original product faithfully to the world using our high-quality skills and varied equipment.
Our washi tape is available to order from 100 pcs. A4 clear folders and PVC stickers are available from 10pcs and 5 pcs respectively.

Our website has a full catalogue and template system, so you can easily make an order via Internet!

Washi Tape

Our washi tape comes in lengths of 10M and 5M.
The width of 10M washi tape is from 15mm to 40mm, and the 5M washi tape is from 10mm to 30mm. Make your personal, unique original washi tape with us!

Washi tape 10M

Washi tape 5M


There are two types you can chose; PVC stickers and sticker packs. The size of the PVC sticker can be adjusted according to your needs. The design for the sticker pack has no limitations as long as it fits on a page of A4.


Flake Seal

A4 Clear Folder

Our A4 Clear Folder are amongst our most popular event products. Orders start at 10 pcs.

A4 Clear Folder

Button Badge

Round, safety pin button badges are available in 25mm and 44mm sizes.

Button Badge


ROUND TOP is with the original die-cutting technique as the head, stickers, seals, etc., make everyday life full of smiling stationery brands.

A round smiling face + Top of the list of what interests us the most. Stationary in our daily lives, not to be used by ourselves alone, but hope to be used as a means of communication, put a smile on someone’s face and be playful. Every day we make our stationary hoping that it will put a big round smile on your faces of communication, put a smile on someone’s face and be playful.

Every day we make our stationary hoping that it will put a big round smile on your face.

Washi Tape

ROUND TOP’s washi tapes use Mino washi, a famous, high-quality Japanese paper.
The original die-cutting technique is independently developed by ourselves and holds patent.
We are famous for the highest level of full-color printing in the industry, with high quality and bright colors.



One of our most popular products is our wooden stamps, which can beautifully reproduce any design. Plastic immersion seals make them easy for kids to use.


PVC Sticker

PVC stickers use our most advanced printing technology. Our high-grade stickers are made in Japan with materials sourced from Japan.


Post-it Notes

Our original product combines post-it notes in a handy tape form, using die-cutting masking tape technology. In addition, another type is our new propose, stacked sticky notes.



Since ROUND TOP was established, we have been working with many talented designers. We like to give customers a variety of products and designs.


We have innovated the original coffee valve sticker product. Our “Tasty Keep Valve” releases gas from the coffee beans in the coffee bag while minimizing contact with the outside air.


Triple-layer valve

This valve is constructed in three-layers. Gas in the coffee bag can be properly released with our valve even if each coffee bag is packaged closely.

Double-layer valve

This system it is more economical than the three-layer valve,
We recommend that this valve be used if the coffee bag does not come into close contact with other items.


Washi Tape


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